Residential and Commercial Security Monitoring Service - Startup Financial Excel Model - 5 Year
Originally published: 11/06/2019 07:51
Last version published: 24/08/2022 09:39
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Residential and Commercial Security Monitoring Service - Startup Financial Excel Model - 5 Year

Build a financial forecast with revenue and expense logic geared toward the security monitoring services industry. 3-statement model and cap table included.

Recent Updates: Added monthly and annual financial statements (IS/BS/CF), cap table for inside and outside investors if applicable, capex with depreciation logic, and better global control tab assumptions.

The model is highly flexible and goes as far as allowing for investor funding, debt funding, and owner funding - their contributions and distributions. You can easily 0 out anything that does not apply.

A security monitoring and alarm business is similar to a regular SaaS model. You have users that sign up and pay a monthly fee in return for monitoring services. Often times, you will provide these monitoring services through a 3rd party vendor with somewhere around 50% margins (depending on what deals you can work).

Where it differs is in the control of technician labor and the general revenue and cost of performing installations. When you go to install these security systems, it is likely you will be able to make some kind of margin on top of your camera/equipment costs and labor costs. This model dives deeply into the generation of labor/equipment costs with 3 different installation budgets, hours / installation, avg. installations a tech can do per month per the installation type, and their corresponding hourly rate.

The revenue earned from installations is based on the costs and some margin % that is input by the user.Where this model really flies high is in the upsell and downsell logic. This allows for a true MRR expansion and negative churn rate calculation. The goal of any recurring revenue business is to gain more recurring revenue form existing customers than is lost through downgrades and cancellations. If this can be done, you are doing good.

Over 20 visuals are included and there is an executive summary as well as monthly and annual detail summaries to see how the assumptions effect various areas of the forecast.

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Forecast the financial performance of a security monitoring service startup.

With 3 or less pricing tiers.

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