Financial Projections Excel Model Driven by Account Executive Performance/New Hires
Originally published: 03/04/2018 07:38
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Financial Projections Excel Model Driven by Account Executive Performance/New Hires

Drive revenue projections based on how you think your account executives will perform over time. Extensive assumptions.

This is a full pro-forma. The revenue logic is completely driven by the amount of account executives you plan on hiring over time, their expected annual quotas, and the % to quota you think they will achieve over time. For example, 10% in their first 3 months, 20% for the next 3 months and so on to 100%.

You can set a fixed % bonus as well as have up to 3 different types of account executives that all have their own variables attached.

The value here is that based on adding new account executives over time and them achieving annual quotas, a monthly revenue projection is derived. Typically, this would be difficult to figure out on paper or in your head especially when you have various AE's starting at different months based on whatever ramping plan you have.

Outside of that logic, you are going to be able to populate running monthly cost assumptions with variable start months for each line-item as well as a separate section for CapEx and startup costs.

After all the assumptions are built, the template will give you a clean monthly, quarterly and annual P&L + cash flow (5 years) and plenty of visuals on an executive summary. This means granular and high level analysis of your projected plan.

There are plenty of visuals to see how you are doing on revenue per account executive, total head counts of AE's, margins, and running cash flow. Additional charts were added to visualize your break even (based on variable and fixed costs as they change each year).

A discounted cash flow valuation has also been done on a non-leveraged basis.

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Financial forecast based on account executive performance.

Any business with individuals that are responsible for maintaining and closing client accounts.

A business that has no sales team or account executives.

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