Training Tracker: HR Tool in Google Sheets
Originally published: 27/09/2021 07:58
Last version published: 18/08/2022 10:26
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Training Tracker: HR Tool in Google Sheets

This is a great tool for HR managers / departments to keep tracking of training / various yearly requirements that employees must complete.

Note, this tool comes in the form of a Google Sheet and the download file will contain the access link.

An Excel version was added. That will be included in the purchase and to use it you must have Office 365 and be in the 'insiders' program since it uses Dynamic Arrays.

The main purpose of this template it to allow an HR manager to keep track of various things that employees have or have not completed over the course of a given year (Up to 20 unique training or requirement items per employee). The default max employee count is 499.

The architecture is a general database entry system. Each row would be added based on when a given item has been completed for an employee. The user would enter the following:
- Employee Name
- Training Plan
- Completed (yes/no)
- Date

There is a validation tab to define all the employee names and types of training or items that need to be completed.

As data is entered, a few summary tabs will auto-populate. The following automated reports exist:

Report1: A unique list of each employee and the completion status of each training / requirement item (yes/no). Conditional formatting included (green for 'yes' and red for 'no').

Report2: A unique list of each employee and the completion date of each training / requirement item. Conditional formatting based on if a date exists, then 'green' and only items marked as 'yes' will populate here.

There is also a separate automated report showing all training items that have been completed for each employee and all training items that have not been completed by employee. A final summary report shows a unique list of employees and their count of items completed, incomplete, pending, and total and a visualization that focuses on items incomplete per employee.

There is also infrastructure here to place each year's Google Sheet link so that you can manager all the data for each year more easily. The best way to use this is make a base template with all the employee names / training requirements and then continually use that to make a copy from every time you create a sheet for each new year. That way there is no need to clear out old data and everything is tracked as long as needed.

There are complete usage instructions in the sheet as well.

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Help improve the organization of HR managers in regards to tracking things employees need to complete.

Up to 499 employees and 20 unique training items.

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