Orchard (Apple or Otherwise) Excel Financial Model
Originally published: 04/04/2018 07:20
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Orchard (Apple or Otherwise) Excel Financial Model

Bottom-up financial projections for an orchard (apple or otherwise).

The value in this template is in the detail of the assumptions. Advanced logic has been applied to the specific types of costs and revenue factors that drive the operation of an Apple orchard.

Assumptions Include:
Schedule Defining...
-Amount of Acres
-Trees per Acre
-Bushel yield per Acre
-Weight per bushel (lbs)
-Cost per harvest (bearing years)

Specific Variable Inputs For:
-Harvest per year
-First harvest year
-Acres in use over time
-Initial Acres bought
-Starting year for each job type
-Up to 5 job types (laborers) and a head count of each with estimated hours / annual costs.
-Fencing costs
-Costs related to bearing years

-Up to 6 types of fruit
-% of Orchard each type represents
-Sale price per lb per type
-Expected % sold of sellable yield
-% of total yield that is sellable

Financing Assumptions

The model will then give you projections for up to 50 years as defined by your assumptions. IRR, ROI, and annualized ROI figures populate as well as a running cash flow position.

The point of this tool is to allow one to figure out what kind of conditions are required in order to start making a profit as well as testing various assumptions out to see what may not be feasible based on expected cash flows.

This Best Practice includes
1 Excel template and 1 tutorial video

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Further information

Provide a forecast that goes up to 50 year out in time and has assumptions specific to an apple orchard.

An orchard startup.

Any business that is not an orchard in nature.


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  • Jeff Schaap
    Is there an enhanced model showing bank loan #1 financing % of land cost in year 1 initial purchase year and bank loan #2 financing % of development costs once producing?
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    • Jason Varner
      No, that would need to be built in, which u can do. My rate is $165/hr and what you described can be done within 1 hr.
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