Used Car Dealership - 5 Year Pro-Forma Excel Financial Model
Originally published: 28/03/2018 10:31
Last version published: 23/06/2021 15:35
Publication number: ELQ-48722-7
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Used Car Dealership - 5 Year Pro-Forma Excel Financial Model

A bottom up financial model to forecast the revenue, expenses, and cash flows of a used car dealership startup business.

The bottom up approach was used to drive revenues that are based on business logic specific to buying and selling used cars / vehicles.

There are 3 different vehicle types and varying cost points on each type. The user is then able to adjust the % markup as well as the amount of vehicles sold per month for each type. You can change the monthly amount expected to be sold in each of the 5 years. Additionally, there is logic that lets you start selling certain car types in later months to improve scaling forecasts.

The startup costs and monthly running cost are determined by a start month and a $ amount per month that can change in each of the 5 years.

Special logic has been added to define how much up-front inventory you will have to purchase and that will run off of your cost of goods sold line item (driven by cost assumptions + the sales count assumptions).

The video and instructions within the model will explain further if needed. There is plenty of summary sheets and visuals to give you a high level look at what the monthly/annual P&L and key metrics look like per what you have modified in the assumptions.

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Provide a cash flow forecast and performance summaries to the user.

When doing projections for a used car dealership startup.

Non margin based business models.

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