Used Car Dealership - 5 Year Pro-Forma Excel Financial Model
Originally published: 28/03/2018 10:31
Last version published: 18/12/2023 08:28
Publication number: ELQ-48722-12
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Used Car Dealership - 5 Year Pro-Forma Excel Financial Model

A bottom up financial model to forecast the revenue, expenses, and cash flows of a used car dealership startup. Includes 3-statement model and cap table.

Recently updated to include payment terms for inventory purchases (define percentage of total inventory purchases that are paid in month 1,2,3, etc... from the purchase month. This dynamically effects initial cash flow requirements and adds a new row on the balance sheet for accounts payable.

Includes Monthly/Annual Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement.

Includes revenue logic to account for how long cars sit on the lot for and this flows through to inventory / sales accordingly. The logic makes for more accurate cash flow planning. Added a cap table as well as improved general formatting conventions and brand new visualizations.

The bottom up approach was used to drive revenues that are based on business logic specific to buying and selling used cars / vehicles. There are 3 different vehicle types and varying cost points on each type. The user is then able to adjust the % markup as well as the amount of vehicles sold per month for each type. You can change the monthly amount expected to be sold in each of the 5 years. Additionally, there is logic that lets you start selling certain car types in later months to improve scaling forecasts.

The startup costs and monthly running cost are determined by a start month and a $ amount per month that can change in each of the 5 years.

Special logic has been added to define how much up-front inventory you will have to purchase and that will run off of your cost of goods sold line item (driven by cost assumptions + the sales count assumptions).

The video and instructions within the model will explain further if needed. There is plenty of summary sheets and visuals to give you a high level look at what the monthly/annual P&L and key metrics look like per what you have modified in the assumptions.

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Provide a cash flow forecast and performance summaries to the user.

When doing projections for a used car dealership startup.

Non margin based business models.

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