Network/Marketplace Startup 5-Year Financial Model with Cap Table
Originally published: 28/08/2018 07:57
Last version published: 18/12/2023 08:26
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Network/Marketplace Startup 5-Year Financial Model with Cap Table

Plan out the assumptions for a startup marketplace or network and see what the 5-year forecast looks like. 3 statement model included.

Recent updates include monthly and annual financial statement reports (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement) and better global control assumption layout.

If you are trying to build any kind of marketplace or network that is primarily focused on facilitating as many transactions as possible, this model will do the trick. It is driven primarily by 3 levels of transactions and a listing / transactional fee on each event. There is revenue logic for ads and advanced placement included.

Once all the cash flows have been measured, this model goes a step further and looks at possible capitalization strategies for private equity or investor rounds (up to 6). This will dilute the 'owners equity' based on a defined valuation and dollar amount invested per a given month. Advanced logic allows this to work with varying months picked for each round. That means dynamic IRR and ROI figures.

The key here is strategic planning. If you are the owner of this startup, you want to get enough funding to cover your planned expenses, but give away the least amount of your company. With this financial model, you can do just that.

Exit (sale of the business) is possible in any month and the remaining months will auto-zero out. Plenty of charts/graphs are included for the user to visualize many aspects of the projection.

A break even analysis has also been added, taking into account fixed / variables expenses in each year per the assumptions of the user.

Update: I have added a fully second version that grows listings per month instead of a static amount that grows yearly. Both versions included in the purchase.

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Forecast all the financial implications of a network startup.

With a transactional-based business model based on buyers/sellers coming together.

A non marketplace-based business model.

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