5-Year SaaS Startup Excel Financial Model: 4 Pricing Tiers + Advanced Metrics
Originally published: 03/03/2018 08:51
Last version published: 09/06/2021 07:03
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5-Year SaaS Startup Excel Financial Model: 4 Pricing Tiers + Advanced Metrics

A straight forward approach to build financial projections for a SaaS startup business.

There are up to 4 pricing tiers. The months that a given revenue stream starts is dynamic. You can also change the monthly compounding growth rates by year, monthly churn by year, revenue per account by year, and add the option for one-time revenue upon setup.

The cost assumptions are done in a categorized way. COGS (cost of goods sold) is defined as a % of revenue. Executive, Salesmen, and Customer Service salaries are changeable by year. You also have slots for R&D and Administrative groups as well as taxes.

All of these assumptions aggregate into a clean monthly P&L summary that shows starting subscribers, added subscribers, lost subscribers, and ending subscribers for each monthly period. This is then translated into MRR (gained, lost, ending) per each pricing tier.

Because we have categorized expenses in a specific way, it is easier to identify the customer acquisition cost (CaC) as well as the months it takes to pay back the cost to acquire a customer (usually 6 to 8 months would be standard there, but this all depends on your assumptions.

All of the monthly P&L data flows dynamically to the annual P&L summary. You will also be able to input any financing assumptions and see the resulting net cash flow from all activity as well as a running balance of cash.

There is a discounted cash flow analysis as well as a valuation table based on the run rate (annual revenues).

Visuals have been included to show all kinds of high level and more in-depth SaaS specific metrics.

This Best Practice includes
3 Excel SaaS Templates (original 1.1, modified 1.3, and latest version 2.2), 1 tutorial video

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Further information

Build a forecast of the user growth and revenues based on a set of dynamic revenue and cost assumptions.

A business model that has multiple pricing tiers of paying subscribers that grow over time.

A non SaaS business or a model with more than 4 pricing tiers.



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  • Latif Ameer Babu
    Hi Jason,
    I am looking at business plan with Product as a Service. Can I use your model to derive the required financial planning for Product as a Service engagement. Request your thoughts
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    • Jason Varner
      No this doesn't have specific logic for PasS. Only SaaS .
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