Profit & Loss and Cash Flow Tracking (Weekly, Monthly, Annually) Template
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Profit & Loss and Cash Flow Tracking (Weekly, Monthly, Annually) Template

Tracking profit and loss as well as cash position in real-time. Includes automated graph/visual updates.

This is a google sheet deliverable. Upon download you will receive a word document that has the google sheet link to this financial model.

The purpose of this template is to show real-time profit and loss effects of your business activity on a weekly, monthly and year-to-date way.

The way it works is pretty straight forward. You have a 'database' style tab where you enter the date, transaction code, and $ amount. Based on that, a profit and loss summary will populate that has up to:
1. Four different income streams
2. Forty-five expense categories
3. Five slots for other cash flow items (in and out).

Additional rows will show your running cash flow each week/month/year and running cash position.

The weekly and monthly reporting tabs show up to a 2-year period and the annual tab shows up to 5 years.

The reason this was built in google sheets is primarily for the charting functionality. I have put formulas in for the date at each week/month/year so it auto updates as you move forward in time automatically. That means the graph will only show data for up to the current week/month/year and will only move forward as you actually move forward in time.

What that means is better graphic display. You don't have to keep re-adjusting the chart ranges as you fill in your financial information. It is a huge plus.

Please read the instructions in the file before you try to use the financial reporting template. Be sure to clear out the sample data as well.

This Best Practice includes
1 Word document with a link to the google sheet and 1 tutorial video

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Further information

Track the current profit and loss of your business as well as cash flow.

A small to medium-size business.

High volume businesses (you would need to do batch reporting).


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  • Jason Varner
    * comment deleted *
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    • James McDermott
      I was looking for a P&L, Cash FLow & Balance Sheet monthly management accounts model. Does one exist? We are a startup service business with minimal investment and small number of actual sales, with a pipeline that needs to be modelled
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      • Jason Varner
        Hi James, The video explains exactly what you are getting with this (check above) It is not a forecasting tool. What you are looking for exists, but probably not for your specifications. You would have to contract somebody to build something to your needs (eg: a professional financial modeler on demand).
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        • James McDermott
          Hi Jason , Thanks for the response. I did look at the video and saw that it wasn't quite what I needed. I do have some programming and excel skills and so I could make it myself but I haven't had the time. I was hoping to harness the power of the hive-mind to see if I could get something for free, as a startup we'll make do with the back of an envelope for now but it would've been nice to take an integrated sheet with maybe ledgers/sheets for key data items. I may have to bite the bullet and start building one myself. Thanks for your thoughts. James
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