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How to Set and Achieve Goals that will Supercharge Your Life and Work

Goal setting is of importance as it gives you a clear direction and destination, put yourself in control of your future!

Hello I'm Stephen Goldberg of Optimus Performance bringing you practical tips and ideas on leadership, team development and employee development in the workplace.

Goal setting is of importance as it gives you a clear direction and destination, which puts you in control of your future not just your circumstance, fueling personal growth, satisfaction and motivation.

This course consists of 5 sections, with a PDF version of the course powerpoint and the Goal Setting Sheet template so that you are able to create the perfect Goal Setting Plan!

The individual sections are as follows:
1. Goal Setting Introduction
2. Benefits of Goal Planning
3. Decide your Goal in using the Wheel of Life Analysis
4. How to successfully fill in the Goal Setting Worksheet - We will thoroughly go through each step of the template individually in order to maximise the end result of this process
5. Conclusion

Along with this course I offer you an exclusive Free Review on the completion of your personalised Goal Setting Worksheet. On purchase and completion of the course, just send me a private message and we will arrange meeting around your needs.

So don't hesitate, start this short course today and take hold of your future!

For more of my resources on this topic follow this link: https://www.eloquens.com/tool/9Q9PCa1x/leadership-hr-human-resources-tips-and-methods/productivity/goal-planning-worksheet-template

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This Best Practice includes
1 PDF document, 1 Template, 5 Videos

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