Development Phase Sources and Uses Funds (Manual and Excel Template)
Originally published: 26/08/2021 08:15
Publication number: ELQ-21282-1
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Development Phase Sources and Uses Funds (Manual and Excel Template)

Building the development phase Sources and Uses in your project finance models

The development phase in a project finance transaction may last from couple of months into years depending of the technology, scale or even where the project is situated. Throughout the development process and up to financial close date, developers will have to mobilise their own staff and incur traveling costs (internal development costs) and also buy licences and permits, hire external consultants and advisors to perform different studies (External development costs). The other side of the story is how to finance these costs.

In this manual and Excel template, I show you:
- Why you need to consider building the development phase into your project finance models
- How to easily include a courses and uses funds in your project finance models.

The accompanied excel template contains the following worksheets:
- Inputs sheet: containing all hard-coded assumptions, categorized by type and color coded.
Time sheet: containing the time ruler, flags and counters to make the time ruler flexible and dynamic.
- Dev sheet: containing the periodic sources and uses of funds statements for development phase

If you want to get the full picture, you can also check out my templates for sources and uses during construction and operation in a projetc finance model:

This Best Practice includes
1 PDF manual and 1 Excel template

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