Originally published: 10/04/2018 12:56
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Negotiation Skills: 3 Simple Tips on how to Negotiate

3 simple, essential tips for effective negotiating.

This video is a great tool for people who may find negotiating a scary and intimidating prospect. Derek sets out 3 incredibly simple, but essential pieces of advice that you need to adopt in order to negotiate effectively.

Tip 1: Derek explains how you can begin to put yourself into the shoes of the person with whom you are negotiating. He shows how, in adopting the perspective of the person with whom you negotiate, you can increase your negotiation success rates. Derek suggests a series of key questions which you must ask yourself about the person you're talking to, so you can really understand what the two of you want out of the negotiation.

Tip 2: Asking for more than you really want. Derek suggests that in certain circumstances it can be a great idea to ask for more than you really want in order to give you more room for negotiation. He uses different examples to demonstrate how asking for more than you really want can be an effective way of enhancing your negotiation.

Tip 3: Never take responsibility for declining the offer. By passing the blame to someone else, you actually work with the person you're negotiating with to find a solution to the problem. He uses a real world example to demonstrate how this technique can really help you in your negotiations and help you to work with your co-negotiator.

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