Dry Cleaning Business: Startup Pro-Forma Excel Model
Originally published: 30/03/2018 09:24
Last version published: 18/05/2022 10:03
Publication number: ELQ-83636-7
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Dry Cleaning Business: Startup Pro-Forma Excel Model

Forecast revenues and expenses of a dry cleaning business with unique business logic specific to the industry. Financial statements included.

Recent updates: Overhauled revenue assumptions and added add-on service logic, capacity checks, full 3-statement model (income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement), added cap table, and capex with depreciation expense integration.

This model is focused on a high level top-down / bottom-up hybrid. Startup costs and monthly running costs are more of a bottom-up approach. Revenue drivers and growth are more top-down.

There is logic that allows for a forecast to go out as far as 50 years. The Pro-Forma is on an annual basis.

You can add in an option for 1 loan that dynamically flows through to cash flow. The exit multiple is base don EBITDA only.

There is a returns tab that shows years held, break even year, IRR, initial investment vs. total and net cash returned. The total cash and ROI multiple are displayed as well as an annualized total/net cash return in $'s.

The idea here is clear and simple inputs for a straight forward Pro Forma creation. The revenue logic allows you to enter the avg. pieces ran per day, the avg. ticket price, and the total days active per year in order to back into annual revenue. That is then increased by a determined % each year.

One unique piece of logic is that you can define what year the revenue and expense figures stop increasing and level off. This is a nice feature to help more accurately build a financial scenario.

Beyond the video tutorial, additional features have been added to show a discounted cash flow analysis based on an entered discount rate.

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Further information

Populate a pro-forma automatically based on entered assumptions about a dry cleaning business.

Showing an annual forecast. This does not have a monthly summary. Includes logic for an exit, DCF, and IRR.

When you want to see a more granular Pro Forma and have more intricate revenue driving logic.

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