Equipment Rental - 10 Year Cash Flow Excel Model
Originally published: 04/03/2018 09:08
Last version published: 27/01/2023 15:58
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Equipment Rental - 10 Year Cash Flow Excel Model

The Equipment Rental business is a cash flow business. This bottom up forecast will help you craft scenarios.

Recent Update: Consolidated into a single 10-year model; added formal monthly and annual financial statements (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement), added contribution/distribution summary, formal capitalization table (cap table), added a global control tab with exit assumptions and cleaner configuration, and added separate startup cost schedule. Updated general formatting conventions.The main areas that you can change variables in will include:1. Up to 4 loans.2. Up to 100 equipment types3. Average amount of days utilized per month per equipment type on a per year basis4. The start/end month of a given equipment type5. Expected salvage values per equipment type6. Revenue per day per equipment type7. Running costs by year (including variable %'s relative to total value of active equipment)8. ***Recently updated with a DCF analysis and executive summary.All of those inputs come together in a monthly and annual cash flow forecast that lets you see how your cash position would do given various assumptions of cash in/out activity over time.Examples of logic include the reduction of cash if an item is to be purchased in a given month and the cash receipt of anything marked with a salvage value at its determined end month.There are many charts that will show various metrics such as cash position relative to debt position, rental income to running costs, and your running asset value (non-depreciated).The current data in this model is in there so you can get a feel for what moves what as well as force you to look at each of the various assumptions and how it effects the cash flow. This will help with final ability to craft your scenario the way you want.This has been updated to include a modified version, which has added logic to account for investor proceeds and allows for the adjustment of avg. utilization days by month on a quarterly basis instead of a yearly basis. Because of that, the modified version is only a 5-year forecast.

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Plan out cash flows from renting equipment over 10 years.

Rental equipment business.

Non-rental revenues.

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