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  • Tejasvita Soni
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    • Syed Gardezi
      Hi Soni,

      hope you are doing great. I must say making BTC FIFO template is a great effort. I just need to ask a couple of things.
      1. What is the point of making Sale cost part 1& 2 column.
      2. There is no such column of commission? you should have added commission with BTC buy price (i.e. fee charged by exchanges) and then subtract from the sold price to get FIFO capital gain as end of the day we need to have capital gain/loss as a record. just wondering if it is possible for you to do that?
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      • Tejasvita Soni
        Hi Syed,

        Thanks for your kind review and comment.

        1. Columns M:P contain formulas for calculating costs of coins sold in split/parts. These formulas are complex and doing the calculation on FIFO method. These contains intermediate results. You may show/hide them as per your preference.

        2. In next version, I will include Commission field also and will let you know when it is uploaded.

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