BCG's (The Boston Consulting Group) Models and Frameworks Bundle
Originally published: 20/05/2022 12:04
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BCG's (The Boston Consulting Group) Models and Frameworks Bundle

A bundle of 5 BCG (The Boston Consulting Group) Strategy Frameworks, Models and slides for strategy and management consulting professionals to use "on the job".

Founded by Bruce Henderson in 1963 in Boston, the BCG (The Boston Consulting Group) -, is a renowned global management consulting firm specialised in corporate strategy. The firm has 90 offices in 50 countries (2019) and more than 21k employees. BCG is famous for producing a vast amount of knowledge and know-how in its field notably via the Henderson Institute. Famous BCG alumni include: Brad Banduccu (CEO Woolworths Group), Bill Bain (Founder of Bain & Co.) and Benjamin Netanyahu (Prime Minister of Israel). BCG is one of the "big three"' strategy consulting firms along with McKinsey & Company and Bain. BCG has extended business units, in particular: BCG Digital Ventures, BCG Gamma, BCG Platinion, BCG Omnia, BCG BrightHouse, Expand & Inverto.

Its consultants (specialised in 16 practice areas), are notably experts at formalising strategy plans, and have accumulated over-time an expertise in building frameworks and building efficient slides.

The following Bundle is a collection of BCG Frameworks, Models, methodologies and templates from the Skyrocket Channel, aimed at strategists, business leaders and business owners, so they can use them efficiently "on-the-job".

✅ BCG's Adaptive Advantage Matrix Model Template -( )

✅ BCG Growth Share Matrix Model Template -( )

✅ BCG's Advantage Matrix Template - ( )

✅ BCG's Rule of Three and Four Framework Template - ( )

✅ BCG's Strategy palette (or Strategic Style) Matrix Template -( )

Additional BCG (The Boston Consulting Group) Frameworks and Templates will be added to this Bundle over time. You will be automatically notified each time a new framework is added.

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This Best Practice includes
5 PowerPoint Templates + 5 PDF Methodologies

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