Talking To Humans (The Book)
Originally published: 22/08/2016 13:32
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Talking To Humans (The Book)

Success starts with understanding your customers - this book will teach you how to do it.

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This book is intended to improve your communication with real or potential clients. Although you probably already speak to clients, and we practice our communication everyday with the people around us, we can easily fall victim to inefficient and unclear communication. This short yet practical guide was thus created to help your understanding and application of customer development concepts.

You can download the PDF here for free. The book is also available on Amazon for Kindle at the minimum price Amazon allows (around 99 cents, depending on country) and in print version at printing cost price (around $10, depending on country).

If you enjoy using the book and find it useful, please share it with others! Perhaps it can help another entrepreneur or student you know.

- Giff Constable (Author), Frank Rimalovski (Editor) & Tom Fishburne (Illustrator) -

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  • Bassam Abdulghani(last updated: 29/01/2019 18:38)
  • Tim Demoures(last updated: 14/09/2016 16:47)
    A must read for entrepreneurs
    Giff Constable does a marvellous job in this e-book, giving entrepreneurs a full convincing story on why getting out of the building and talking to people to test a business hypothesis is key for success. Strongly recommend it!
  • Antoine DUBOSCQ(last updated: 12/09/2016 16:51)
    Want to launch a company? Start with this.
    Very nice work from Giff Constable. I especially appreciate the storytelling. At each stage of the book, you just want to get out there and try his tips out!


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