Strategic Planning Frameworks & Models Bundle
Originally published: 22/09/2021 17:36
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Strategic Planning Frameworks & Models Bundle

A bundle of 12 Popular Strategic Planning PowerPoint Framework Model slides for Strategy Teams, Strategy Consultants, Management Consulting teams.

As an essential element of strategic management, popularised in the 1960s, Strategic Planning is the activity enabling the future to be mapped in a relatively "playable" way. It is defined as the actions and processes put in place by an organisation to define its strategy and making adequate ressource allocations based on available ressources, and constraints. Strategic Planning can also be extended to activities linked to the monitoring and implementation of strategy over time.

Planning the future for a business is a tough exercise to carve out time for. Also, most management teams tend to be deprived of the best models and frameworks to map future opportunities and business line positioning.

  • More about Strategic Planning here
  • On Strategic Planning by Roger L. Martin, former Dean of the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto.

This bundle includes a constantly updated list of the best strategic planning models, frameworks and templates for a strategist, management executive or consultant to use on the job.

Please find the list below:

Market Positioning VS Competition - Industry Template - Four Quadrant Matrix Slide
Actors/Competitors Market Mapping - with the BCG (Boston Consulting Group) Growth-Share Matrix - PowerPoint Template
Strategy & Risk Management Framework - EIP (Easter Island Pentagon) PowerPoint Template
Activity Strategic Positioning Matrix
McKinsey 7-S framework Strategy Template
McKinsey's Strategic Three Horizons Model Framework Template
Bowman's Strategy Clock Template
ADL (Arthur D Little) Strategic Condition Matrix Framework Template
McKinsey’s Portfolio of Initiatives Framework Template
Porter's Generic Strategies Matrix Template
GE-McKinsey Nine-Box Matrix Template
McKinsey's Strategic Control Map Template

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This Best Practice includes
12 Strategic Planning PowerPoint Framework Slides + offline step-by-step Methodologies

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