Classic Business Strategy Frameworks Template Slides Bundle
Originally published: 01/10/2020 14:51
Last version published: 24/11/2021 09:01
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Classic Business Strategy Frameworks Template Slides Bundle

13 "Classic" Strategy Framework Template Slides for any Strategy Consultant, Analyst or Executive to download.

This is a bundle of 13 major Classic Strategy Consulting Frameworks for any professional to use. Save by purchasing them all in one go here (29 USD instead of more than 100 USD).

The objective of this Series is to:
- Save Time Building your own Templates
- Use Strategy Frameworks in a Pragmatic Hands-On Driven Approach

✅ BCG Matrix (available separately here: )
✅ McKinsey 7-S Framework (available separately here: )
✅ SWOT Analysis (available separately here: )
✅ Porter's Five Forces (available separately here: )
✅ PEST & PESTLE Analysis (available separately here: )
✅ EIP Framework (available separately here: )
✅ GE-McKinsey 9-Box Matrix Template (available separately here: )
✅ Ansoff Matrix (4 Quadrants + 9-Box) (available separately here: )
✅ Bowman's Strategy Clock (available separately here: )
✅ Porter's Generic Strategies Matrix Template - (available separately here: )
✅ ADL (Arthur D. Little) Matrix Strategic Condition Template - (available separately here: )
✅ McKinsey's Strategic Three Horizons Model Framework Template - (available separately here: )
✅ McKinsey’s Portfolio of Initiatives Framework Template:

Additional "Classic" Strategy Frameworks will be added to this Bundle over time. You will be automatically notified each time a new framework is added.

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Should you have any questions on using these top tier Management/Strategy Consulting Framework Templates, you're welcome to reach out to me via Private Message.


Tim Demoures (Skyrocket & Partners)

This Best Practice includes
13 PowerPoint Framework Template Slides + Several Step-by-Step Methodologies

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